The Croton Watershed - Repairing the Delaware Aqueduct
By Public Info Event on Tuesday,
July 16, 2024

The Bureau of Emergency Services has announced a public informational event to be held on Tuesday, JULY 16, at 1900 hrs at the TOPs Building, concerning the effects of the Delaware Aqueduct's repairs on our Croton System which will begin on October 1, 2024. The repairs will last approximately (8) months and preparations have already begun on this necessary undertaking.

The attached write-ups were shared by the Bureau on how it will affect our Putnam reservoirs and lakes so that we would be aware of the temporary capacity reductions we will see and to invite us to attend on July 16.

Attachment onepagecroton__20240703072443.pdf  (800k)
Attachment repairingthedelawareaqueduct7162024__20240703072446.pdf  (150k)
Attachment rwbtshutdownarticleforrecreationusers__20240703072449.pdf  (340k)